First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva appeals to Azerbaijani people over coronavirus

First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva appealed to the people of Azerbaijan over coronavirus.

 "The world is now facing a global challenge. As recently as one year ago most of us naively supposed that the era of the pandemic, i.e. the dangerous diseases that haven’t been known up to now and that claim human lives has been left in the past. We believed that the contemporary level of development of biology, medicine, pharmacy and technologies including the level of the collective intellect of the mankind have insured us against certain “surprises”. And the reality has turned up to be quite different. Nassem Taleb’s “Black swan” having aroused hot debates is ruling over the world. In his famous book, Taleb wrote: “Everybody wants to protect himself from threat. One of the methods is to assess and manage risks.... It is not important how much efforts we make. It is impossible to precisely forecast any risk.”

There is plenty of information about what COVID 19 is today. The new virus and all the consequences of infection with it are now making headlines. Paradoxically, despite the abundance of information today there are more questions than answers.

WHO official statistics say: the number of people infected worldwide is 198,737, the deaths toll is 7,989, while 82,779 have recovered. The epidemic has been declared a pandemic and has affected 167 countries.

The undeniable conclusion is that the world was not ready for such a risk. Even the most developed states with multi-billion-dollar health spending, huge scientific and intellectual potential, owning all the advanced technologies, could not withstand the spread of the epidemic.

Unprecedented measures are being taken, borders are being closed, and states are being isolated.

I believe and hope that common efforts will certainly yield fruits. Humanity will overcome and cope with this challenge to grow stronger. I also want to believe that we will reflect and try to rethink simple truths. We are different, but we have one, common house. There is no other people’s misfortune. Pain and suffering have no limits.

Immunity to the virus will appear with the creation of a vaccine. Everyone should cultivate immunity to indifference in himself.

Dear fellow countrymen!

In our country, all efforts are devoted to preventing the worst-case scenarios. All government bodies were mobilized and consolidated. Since the very beginning, we have been working closely with WHO, taking the recommendations of this organization very seriously.

The rapid spread of the epidemic, its transition to a pandemic complicates the development of a unified strategy and tactics for combating this disease. Researches on the virus and disease are being conducted in parallel with the fight against them. Therefore, many recommendations are situational in nature, changing as the database expands. One thing is obvious - strict observance of precautionary measures, personal responsibility and organization are unconditional measures for protecting oneself and others.

I express my gratitude to WHO for close cooperation with the Azerbaijani government in fighting against the epidemic of coronavirus.

I urge all fellow countrymen to show civic responsibility and strictly follow the recommendations and requirements of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers.

I ask everyone to take care of their elders. In the vast majority of occasions, the disease proceeds in a mild form and culminates in recovery. Particularly at risk are the elderly, those who suffer from chronic diseases, people with weak immune systems. We, Azerbaijanis, have always showed particular care and respect for the older generation, we have protected them carefully. I am sure that in the current situation we will be even more careful. Carelessness is unacceptable today.

I want to express special gratitude to all those who are on the front line of the fight against infection - doctors, medical staff, employees of various government agencies who are taking the necessary measures to protect the health and life of Azerbaijani citizens.

Dear friends!

I have no doubt that together we will overcome this serious challenge thanks to the best qualities of our great nation such as strength of mind and courage, mercy and compassion, faith and love. I wish you the best of health and long life!

May the Almighty help everyone at this difficult time.

With prayers for everyone and with love