President Ilham Aliyev: To avoid the spread of coronavirus, citizens should also feel responsible

In his message to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Novruz holiday, President
Ilham Aliyev highlighted the global spread of COVID-19 and the country`s response to
the virus. “Along with all the measures being taken by the state to avoid the spread of
this disease, citizens should also feel responsible in the first place,” the head of state
“If someone feels symptoms of the disease, they should immediately consult a doctor,
isolate themselves, not visit crowded places and not participate in public events without
a critical need. These events have already been stopped but some irresponsible people
may take action that does not comply with the rules.” “I want to warn everyone that
rigorous measures will be taken because it is a nationwide issue, the health of our
people and the security of our state. Everyone should know that in case of non-
compliance with the rules announced on 14 March, they will be brought to account,” the
President added.